Elmo Keep

Elmo Keep is a writer and broadcaster whose non-fiction work has appeared both in Australia and overseas at places including at the Awl, The Age, The Rumpus, The Hairpin, Meanjin Quarterly literary review, The Big Issue, Men’s Style, The Global Mail and elsewhere. She has interviewed people as diverse as Slash, Bono, Patti Smith, Lars Ulrich, Gene Simmons and Tom Jones — the astronaut.

She was a writer/producer on three series of ABC TV’s Hungry Beast, where she covered stories on topics such as the omnipotence of Google, the breaking Wikileaks Collateral Murder video and looking at what happens to your digital footprint after you die. She was also digital media producer with Zapruder’s other films.

Elmo is a graduate of the University of Technology in Sydney where she taught writing for the web, and Twitter as a reporting tool.