Claire Dunn

Growing up on a farm in the Hunter Valley with her four siblings, Claire Dunn has been exploring wild places since she was a child. Her love for the natural world propelled her to work for many years as an environmental campaigner for such organisations as The Wilderness Society. In the drought of 2004, Claire co-authored Talking Water: An Australian Guidebook for the 21st Century.

Shifting her interest to the psychology of human-nature connection, Claire studied Deep Ecology theory, as well as tracking and wilderness survival skills at home and overseas. In 2010, Claire embarked on a year of bush living, completing the Guunuwa Independent Wilderness Studies Program, the subject of her memoir. Extracts have appeared in The Australian Geographic, and the essay anthology Fire published in 2013.

Claire is a passionate advocate for a ‘rewilding’ of our inner cultural and personal landscape, as well as the outer. She aims to facilitate this through writing and the offering of nature-based retreats and contemporary wilderness rites of passage.

Claire holds a degree in Media and Communications and writes frequently for The Age and other publications, whilst also completing postgraduate studies in Psychology.

Her memoir My Year Without Matches: Escaping the City in Search of the Wild will be published by Black Inc. in June 2014.