Kate van Hooft

Kate van Hooft was born in Melbourne on New Year’s Eve, to the sound of fireworks and drunk revellers blowing air horns. She was met by her older sister, Chris, who initially complained that – being a baby – she wouldn’t be any fun to play with at all. She has been endeavouring to redeem herself ever since.

Kate likes to write about childhood. One of her favourite memories of her own childhood is sitting in the backseat with Chris while her Mum and Dad drove up the coast to the Gold Coast for Christmas. It was three days listening to Kylie Minogue (her choice) and Dire Straits (her Mum’s choice) on cassette. To pass the time she read books and periodically elbowed her sister in the ribs. When she peeled her sweaty legs off the vinyl of her Dad’s Mazda 929 station wagon, it somehow felt more like summer than just being at home.

Since 2006 Kate has worked in Universities and secondary schools supporting students with disabilities, mental health conditions and complicated personal circumstances as they complete their education. She has also completed a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Communication and is currently completing the Master of Social Work. Through social work she has discovered a passion for mental health and disability advocacy, for equitable access to education, and for stirring up trouble. She’s looking forward to getting paid for it.

Kate’s debut novel We See the Stars is published by Allen and Unwin in 2018.