Minnie Darke

Minnie Darke – Gemini, daylight librarian and moonlight cherisher of almost-forgotten dreams of becoming an actor, Scrabble cutthroat and drinker of Russian Caravan tea, human companion to one street terrier and two British Giant rabbits – is the author of the highly anticipated romantic comedy Star-crossed (Random House, January 2019). Her writing studio is a bespoke gypsy caravan in a Tasmanian garden wherein she is watched over by her guardians: Patience, Enthusiasm and Yoda. Minnie shares a body with Danielle Wood, a versatile wordsmith who has written novels and short story collections for adults (The Alphabet of Light and DarkRosie Little’s Cautionary Tales for Girls, Mothers Grimm), non-fiction (Housewife Superstar: the very best of Marjorie Bligh) and – in partnership with Heather Rose – novels for children (Finding Serendipity, A Week Without Tuesday, Blueberry Pancakes Forever). Danielle’s books have been published in the USA, Netherlands, Germany, Russia and Italy, and her awards include the 2002 Australian/Vogel Literary Prize, the Dobbie Prize for women’s fiction and two Sydney Morning Herald Young Novelist of the Year Awards.