Sarah Thornton

Sarah started out with a love of words that saw her devouring dictionaries, listening to parliament on the radio as a child and later, obtaining a degree in English Literature. Easily bored, Sarah ditched her graduate traineeship at a major bank and took up a series of sales roles in Sydney and Hobart, the last of which saw her selling robots around the world. Staving off boredom again and searching for enlightenment, Sarah commenced a law degree in the 1990s. She spent the next twenty years as a corporate lawyer culminating in 2016 when she was announced Australian Corporate Lawyer of the Year.

Deciding to go out on a high, Sarah cast off the lines to her legal career in 2017 to concentrate on writing as a way to liberate her imagination. She and her husband Dean now live aboard their sailing catamaran exploring this beautiful planet and chasing an endless summer. Her debut novel, Lapse, is the first of a series in which former corporate lawyer Clementine Jones stumbles headlong into criminal conspiracies and other nefarious goings-on. It will be published by Text Publishing in the latter half of 2019.